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R/C Modz Event Guide for Summer 2011

*Posted event's may NOT always be local and are subject to change without notice; contact the vendor for further details

July: 23-24 Eliminator R/C Hobby Supply Track side - Endurance Race

July: 31 Mid-Canada R/C Auto Racing's 2011 RCPro Race Nationals Practice/Qualifier (Req. attendance for later Sept. Race)

Aug: 12-14 Mid-Canada R/C Auto Racing's Annual Summer Classic Race

Aug: 20-21 Eliminator R/C Hobby Supply Track side - Race for the pig

Sept: 10-11 Eliminator R/C Hobby Supply Track side - Rewind Race (entire event is done backwards on the track)

Sept: 16-18 2011 RC Pro Series Championship Hosted by Mid-Canada R/C Auto Racing

Oct: 15-16 Eliminator R/C Hobby Supply - 8th Year Anniversary Race

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Past events

This racing class was a blast!
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Our inside scoop ~

Chris Oswald received first place gold for his 1/10th scale Traxxas Rustler
Pro-line's Desert Rat body. The 2008 2nd Annual Summer Series had lots
of action, and great racing. The two-day event was capped off with awesome
participant prize draws and give away. Everyone had fun, and went away with
a smile.

Race results:
1-10 2WD Elec Truck (A Main)


The Monster Truck (A Main) at the Eliminator R/C 2008 2nd Annual Summer Series was intense. Hot sticky weather and tight times during the main race brought the driver's to the breaking point. The race leader changed from the first 5 minutes to the next. Chris Oswald (Savage .25) managed to start in 5th place, but with body post troubles and stripped drive shaft threads, the wheel nut could hold only for so long.
Finishing 8th place put the last year 2nd place winner at the bottom of the pack. "You win some, and you lose some. That's racing." said Chris, and he was up beat about the whole thing. The 18 year hobbyist said it best,
" Winning isn't everything, having fun is. I have a blast every time."

Race results:
1-8th 4WD Nitro Truck (A Main)