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Mid-Canada R/C Auto Racing Presents:
2011 Cabin Fever Reliever

February 11th - 13th, 2011


- Rubber Tire 13.5 open speedo Touring
- Rubber Tire 13.5 open speedo Touring Sportsman
- Rubber Tire 17.5 closed speedo Touring
- 1/12th 13.5 open speedo
- World GT 13.5
- Vintage Trans Am

USVTA Vintage R/C Racing - Getting more popular

I have been racing for many years, but I have to say I did take a 4 or 5 year break.
Why? Well at the time life changes had made it difficult to race every weekend at
the local track. I did it a lot, and had lots of fun but as time when on It was starting
to slow down in popularity. I mean, we had 1/12th scale and Touring Sedan and
even a Gearbox class to mix things up. Early on we also had a monster truck class
with clod's and usa-1's in it. We ran foam tires on everything but monster trucks
and it was a good time. However over time I felt my fellow racers fading away for
much the same reasons I did. Besides the same old thing every weekend, the
class's started to get smaller and smaller and even eliminated all together from the
class options. I have no idea how many people still came out while myself and
other close racers were gone. But, as anything goes... some longtime racer's
leave, and new guys come in.
Recently for 2011 I decided to return to carpet racing. I got together a Tamiya
TT-01 and built it up to what I thought at the time was a solid setup. I'm all
about racing on a budget. I got my updated gear together, lipo batteries and
charger. Cleaned up the foam tires and headed to the track. I won't lie, it was
a bit of a shock and the rules had changed from the last time I had driven at
the carpet track. The first thing I noticed was other guys were not running
foam tires anyone. This may still be the case for your local track, but maybe the
same thing happened to you. No big deal, I got some slicks slapped on the
TT-01 and off I went. I had ran a couple of weekends of touring sedan and
had noticed a new class that was born. The Vintage Trans Am Class.
If you are new, or like myself and just returning to the track after a little while
and kinda rusty on the carpet, this is the class for you. It's a little slower than
touring sedan and has a few variations on the rules for car specifications. Such
as body type, and what motor and battery combination's your allowed to run.
It also is required you run a vintage type style rim and tire by such like HPI Racing.
This past weekend at my local track was the 2011 Mid-Canada R/C Auto Racing
Cabin Fever Event. It was a 3 days event full of all class's including the Vintage
Trans Am Class. The turn out was great, and after seeing the class a couple
weeks back, I knew I had to run in the Trans Am class for this event. I finished
mid-field in the main and I was very humble to the fact that this was my first
"Trans Am" race. Trust me, if you don't have this class at your local track you
should sign up for it. I met fellow driver's in the class experienced and new.
We all had a blast because the lap times and space between us was so close,
it really boiled down to driving skill. It's an all around perfect scale appeal for
on-road racing. You have to give it a try.

- Christopher Oswald
(R/C Modz Full Throttle)

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