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The man behind"R/C Modz Full Throttle."

I'm Christopher and my own love affair with a radio control
car began as a kid when I watched in awe as my neighbor down
my street played with his radio control car. I thought it was really
neat and wanted one from that day forward. I later found out that
the car I had seen as a kid, some 12 years later turned out to be
a Tamiya Monster Beetle. Of course, by this point I had already
gone knee deep in the hobby itself, I had to get my hands on
that car I had first seen that summer day. To this day, I am proud
to say that I have acquired one, fully restored it and have it as
a great show piece.

I've been into the Radio Control hobby for over 20 years. Built numerous
home made and custom projects over that time. I've Raced R/C Cars & Trucks
competitively around my area and had Developed "Chris's R/C Racing Website"
back in 1998 to help reveal the creations and modifications that
now R/C Modz Full Throttle has become. It's also main purpose was
to help promote the hobby in general and inform people about the new
current technology in the hobby. A couple of years ago I worked for one
of the largest Hobby Supply stores in Winnipeg Manitoba. That gave
me the ability to share the hobby with others. Along with share my insight
and experience in the hobby. Since my retirement from the hobby store,
I went to pursue my Automotive Repair career. Recently I have created such
websites as the ORCCTM (Online Radio Control Car & Truck Mechanic).
ORCCTM also had an Online Blog to help further inform and educate the new and
experienced people in the hobby.
ORCCTM has since been closed, however With R/C Modz Full Throttle still up
and running as a showcase site, I have also worked in the past with such company's as
RC Car Action Magazine as a contributing web editor. That was a lot of fun.
Meeting and talking with so many different kinds of people in the hobby all
the time. There are truly a great number of good hobbyist in the industry today.
This is nice to see.

You can also find some of my work and editorial talents currently with as Senior editor. Former Editor in Chief of RC Car Action Magazine
Matt Higgins has created the outstanding new RC Media outlet
for everything from monster trucks, short course, truggys and more.
Check out what Matt and I are up to at

So everyone, WELCOME! and enjoy the hobby.